who am I

It's almost awkward to create an about me page since you likely know me if you've found your way to this site. But at the same time, it also seems compulsory.

One of the things I like talking about the least is myself, and—forgive me—that is exactly what this site is about.  Whoops.

I usually find it difficult to decide what should be on this page. Should it be more resume-like and list the places I work? Or perhaps closer to a personal ad, talking about where I'm from, things I like, and how many kids I want to have? In the end I usually settle for some babbling that lets you get a pretty decent idea of my voice, and maybe drops in a few details that you likely already know.

I am currently employed at The Ohio State University (I'm fairly certain that somewhere in my hiring documents it was stipulated that I had to include the any time I tell someone where I work). I do work on computers, and no not the kind that you've got at home. I probably can fix whatever is wrong with it, but chances are you can, too. Plus, I promise I won't come to you and ask you to do for me what you spend 40+ hours a week doing.

I enjoy traveling, photography, movies, long walks on the beach, cooking for friends, and music. And cars. I have big eyes when it comes to cars, but I can't seem to make myself open my wallet enough. Oh well.

I also change my look: hair, beard, mustache... all fair game.

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