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In similar fashion to yesterday, this I just want to be sure to point out that while this is sort of a product review, it is really a post for my own remembrance, and that no one asked me to write this--heck they might not be happy if they had!

I purchased the ROK Coffee Grinder to go along with my ROK Espresso maker, and I am very pleased with the pairing. 

The grinder itself is a little larger than I anticipated when ordering it, but in retrospect I don't think it could provide the same experience if it were much smaller, and I'm quite happy. The solid metal construction is really a thing of beauty on my countertop, even when it's not in action. 

The grinder's output is consistent across the levels of coarseness, and I've made great espresso, pour-over and french press with surprisingly little fuss. It took a little getting used to the adjustment ring in its default configuration (stepless) and that was compounded by the fact that the ring rotates when the handle does, so I made a practice to rotating it to certain position before making adjustments. ROK also facilitated a stepped grind selection with a pair of removable washers. I have changed to the stepped selection as I feel that the stepless method allows for a slight drift of coarseness over the process of grinding.

The base of the ROK Coffee Grinder has a wonderfully tacky substance requiring only minimal downforce to hold the grinder in place during operation. The unbranded rear-edge of the base is about an inch and a half deeper than the front, something I surmise was done to add stability while rotating the long handle.

I did experience a large amount of static build-up the first couple of times I used the machine and it made both the process of getting the grounds and clean-up maddeningly difficult. I located a YouTube video from ROKEspressoMaker titled "dealing with static" and while I was dubious about the claim, adding a drop or three of water to the beans in the hopper actually substantially changed the experience for the better.

The included grounds cup is very nicely styled and useful, but I do wish it had a slightly narrower curvature to match the ROK portafiler's profile (because it's quite a bit larger, I have often spilled more of my grounds than I'd like while loading). When making more coarsely ground coffee, it works wonderfully.

The ROK Coffee Grinder is a great addition to my kitchen that is pleasingly functional, and undeniably attractive.

From left to right: ROK Manual coffee grinder, ROK Espresso Maker storage tin, ROK milk frother, scoop & tamper, ROK Espresso maker.

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