remember that libraries are a thing

A couple of months ago I started reading again. It started as I relocated some of my books from storage onto a vacated shelf in my entertainment room. Sitting there one evening, I just decided: I should read that book again--I've always enjoyed it, even though I've read it maybe fifteen times. You probably wouldn't like it as much given that you didn't read it way back when I first did and thereby develop an emotional attachment, but if you're so inclined, Kiteman of Karanga.

When asked what I wanted for Christmas by my parents, the only thing I asked for was books of a particular series (Pendergast, Lincoln & Child), so they were kind enough to send me the first seven books in the series, and supply me with Amazon gift cards enough that I could buy most of the rest as well. So I've been slowly reading through these, taking about two weeks per book on average so that I can prolong the magic.

Earlier this week something came up and reminded me of another book I wanted to read that has now been out a few years, Ready Player One. I thought about just ordering it, but I recalled that there's the building called a library that lets you take books out for free. I jumped on the site for my local library and sure enough they had 131 copies in the system across the various branches, and around 30 copies were available. Noting that only one of the available locations was reasonably close to my daily routes, I set myself a reminder to stop by the branch and grab it.

Just before leaving work yesterday, I confirmed the book was still at the branch and then off I went. Upon getting there I found my way to the fiction area, then to the Cs for Cline... scanned once, twice, and thrice... no luck. I pulled up the site on my trusty phone, checked it again and it still showed as being there... what madness is this? Apparently I clicked something else without realizing it and the page updated to a new display that showed the book's location: shelving cart. Eyes darted around before spying carts flowing out of a room near the front entry and a desk staffed by a nice fellow. I walked up to him and explained what I was looking for, and a few moments later he produced it and I walked out of this magical place, book in hand.

I've been told that I can even have library books delivered directly to my desk at work... if I have a bit more patience. Maybe I'll use that for the harder-to-find titles.

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