get to the bottom of it, part 2

Yesterday I began exploring two of the ideas of things that have been weighing on me lately. I wrote a bit about work, and how that might be part of what has been tearing at my feelings of well-being. Today, I am looking at the second possible factor: friends.

It would seem that most people have a few friends. If they are lucky they get to hang out with or commune with them in some way with some regularity. When I look back at the past few weeks, I could see how I haven't really had this. Through much of November and December I was part of a large gathering of musicians, and there was strong energy. Once that came to an end, things really quieted down in terms of social interactions outside of work.

One evening last month a friend came over and we tried to watch a movie but ended up talking rather than watching (the movie was too slow to start I guess). And New Years eve we hung out with some other friends and played games. Outside of that, it has just been my wife and I waking up, going to work, coming home from work, and going to sleep. Although my wife is a great friend and she does a lot for me in making my life overall better, she cannot supply the social needs I have between her introversion and the fact that she'd much rather read books, take baths, and sleep.

In my last job, I felt like I had some great relationships that extended outside of work hours. Heck, some of the people I worked with at that job I still talk with daily, and a few still get together for dinner and talking with some semblance of regularity. I don't have those bonds in my new job, and I'm not sure that those I work with are interested in a similar arrangement. (And now, I see, I understand why I made this two posts.)

Because of the holidays, we haven't been to a church service in a couple of weeks. Work didn't have a holiday party (for reasons that seem flimsy). Friends have mostly been out of town or busy. Oh, and there was Christmas, the exceptionally quiet holiday.

So yes, I'm lacking social interaction. Is it the cause of what I'm feeling? I'm not sure, but it certainly seems logical that it would at least be a contributor.

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