enjoy a slow Sunday

Today has been pretty much like any Sunday. Wake up, have coffee and breakfast, go to church and chat a bit, then come home for lunch and an afternoon of scattered activities. For me, the afternoon held most reading, but a little bit of gaming as it's somewhat social in as much as two disembodied people on an 8-bit screen can be. Later, we had dinner and then watched some sports (finally a win!) before winding down the night with a bit more reading and talking. All in all, pretty normal and completely okay.

I used to be what I would have called in years past a voracious reader earlier in my life. As I've grown older I have found other ways to fill my time, but few as fulfilling or entertaining. A number of years ago I started reading books by a pair of authors, I think at the time only numbering four or five collaborative works. These days, however, the duo has produced maybe two dozen works, and I'm winding my way through those pages now.

Although I've read several of the books in this particular timeline before, I decided to go ahead and re-read them as surely I'd forgotten some details in the intervening years. As I've turned each page, I've been surprised at how fluid the writing of this pair is, how it like a single mind writing each page and it makes me wonder what their workflow is actually like. It wasn't until I was reading the third volume of the series that I came across a section that felt decidedly different as I read it. By the time I reached the end of that passage, I wasn't sure what was going on despite knowing much of the story that lay ahead (in very cloudy detail). And a couple of chapters later it happened again and I settled on the realization that this wasn't one of the authors creating the difference, but a construct of the character being portrayed.

As I sat in my office reading, I felt relaxed even despite the sound of zombies floating out of my computer's speakers. In fact, the repeated groaning of the beasts actually wove themselves into an almost pleasant backdrop along side the flowing water. I'll have to remember today in three more weeks, the next time I'll have a similarly-planned Sunday, and maybe repeat it.

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