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I like shiny things. I don't mean that I like literally shiny things (although sometimes I do), but rather the figurative ones. You know, the latest and greatest. The newness. Especially when it comes to technology. But that can come at quite a price, sometimes financial, sometimes of my time.

Anyone that knows me moderately well is probably well aware that I have a love affair with cell phones. I don't use my cell phone for Facebook, Snapchat, or most of the other trendy things that the "kids" these days are all on about. Oh no, I use mine for three things: photos, information, and responsibility.

Oh snap. Photos. That's a given--and that's one of the major reasons that I've upgraded phones with the frequency I have. I've invested a lot of money in my photographic pursuits, but it's not always logistically possible to run around with my DSLR and a half dozen lenses. I can, however, nearly always have my cell phone.

Look it up. Movie reference? Recipe? Sports score? Procedure for rebuilding a RAID array on a decade-old obscure device? Yep--I can get my information through this device.

But responsibility? Yep! I get to stay on top of alerts for work so my systems stay up better, or come back online faster. I get to communicate with people waiting on responses. I get to... well, you get the picture.

And that brings me to the title of today's post: wait, wait, wait. This is the hard one, because I know there's new shiny out there. Today specifically it's the latest OS. I've mashed that "check for updates" button probably fifty times already and it's still not there. In the past when this happened, I've gone through the process of unlocking the device, loading up the update, and having to reconfigure the whole device just to get the newest features, many of which I might not even know exist were it not for release notes. Something that should take 5 minutes of my time ends up taking two hours as I re-download and login to my apps, set various settings just so, and tweak the layouts.

So this time I'm not gonna do that. I am going to wait. When that magical little icon pops up on my screen saying "Update is available," you know I'm gonna click it faster than Tesla in Ludarious mode. Or maybe I'll mash the buttons in moments of boredom, but at least I won't invest hours. This time.

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