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I shouldn't say that I roll out of bed as it is much closer to bouncing, really. When the the alarm goes off or my eyes open, I'm just plain awake. Unlike my wife who will be a dreary state for an hour or more, I've generally hit the ground rolling unless I was ill. In the last year, this has caused some consternation within our relationship since we've been commuting together the majority of the time. While I adjusted my sleep schedule to wake about 75 minutes later than I had been, I still have found myself waiting barely patiently to depart each morning, while my wife has played with various degrees of rising earlier, but it just don't seem that she can find a way to consistently move her ready-to-go time. Thankfully this is one of the biggest challenges that we have in our marriage, at least as I see it.

Some mornings, despite attempting to sleep in later, my body just tells me that it's had enough of this horizontal position. These days are generally challenges to me because I'm not good at sitting around and doing nothing, and I don't have any hobbies I can easily engage for a brief period early in the day. Often this means I check news sites, sports scores, and similar things, or get industrious and pack a lunch for one or both of us. But usually as the minutes tick by, I edge toward irritability knowing that I'll sit in traffic longer, get less uninterrupted work done, and feel like I've literally wasted part of my day.

This morning was one of those days when my body was fed up with sleeping, despite staying up later than usual. My usual get-ready routine took all of its usual 11 minutes and then I found myself staring at the better part of an hour before she would be ready. I'm pretty sure I sighed. I gave the news sites a once-over, but skipped the sports because my team hadn't played the night before. I suddenly felt hungry, and decided that if I was going to eat, I might as well have coffee, too. Six minutes later a bowl of blueberry oatmeal and fresh Costa Rican coffee were sitting in front of me.

Earlier in the week I received a box of books courtesy of my parents (Christmas gifts and not quite Christmas, but I had permission!), so I reached over, grabbed the first in the series and started reading as I ate the oatmeal and sipped the coffee. Once breakfast was gone, I washed the dishes and migrated to my reading corner in the living room (that's what I call it although the only thing I've ready there before today was mail... once.).

When my wife was finally ready to leave, I was okay. I was nourished, my mind had been busy, and I didn't feel like I'd wasted my time or lost out on anything. Even the commute (for whatever reason the traffic felt lighter than usual) didn't get under my skin. It was a good start to the morning!

I don't believe that this was a fluke. I'm going to at least attempt to apply elements of this day to subsequent ones. I may not make oatmeal and coffee every day, but reading seems like the thing that made it all pleasurable because it wasn't required and it was for me. Perhaps this morning adjustment may improve the worst part of my day and marriage.

How cool would that be?

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