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Through most of my life I've considered myself someone that tries to keep in touch. While many may consider keeping in touch reading status updates on Facebook or the like, it has been a long time since I've been a member of that network, and even then I don't think I thought of it the same way. I mean one-to-one interactions. Maybe not always face-to-face as that's logistically difficult for those far away or on different schedules, but calls, texts, emails.

In the last handful of years I haven't been especially good at this. I would make sure to reach out to folks on or around their birthdays with tepid greetings, and a few select individuals I would share more detail and seek out more actively, but I was content to let my circles be small and tight, extremely overlapping.

As time went by, those that were farther away or regularly unreachable fell off of my radar. I noticed eventually, but I didn't really take any action to resolve that. In the last six months, I've been horrible at this. If texts or emails went unrequited, I would shrug my shoulders and decide that it was probably for the better, and that if they wanted me in their life they would reach out.

What a turnabout!

That's not who I want to be. As with most things, this also isn't a behaviour that will change overnight. I took the first step over the weekend and hit up someone that for years was probably my closest friend although because of the distance between us, we've literally only spent maybe 72 hours of our lives in the same state. Today I reached out to a friend I've had for several years but in the last month had let slide into non-thought; this one is a harder relationship because of the situation but I want to keep trying. These people are special to me.

I do realize that not all relationships can go on in perpetuity. Heck, some need to end. Determining the good, valuable, and meaningful may be a challenge, but I imagine I will have a richer life because of those I share it with more often than not.

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