operate on little sleep

This isn't something that's new, per se, but it has been rather infrequent of a need over the last year or so. In my previous job, I was constantly up late, waking up for phone calls, alerts, and sometimes just moronic things, and I more or less accepted that it was just part of doing that job. So far, that hadn't really been the case with my new position, and I really lost touch with how hard it is to not get consistent sleep.

I was reminded of this because of some incidents at work that have caused abnormal hours this week. So far I haven't left the office before 18:30, and I've been working both days of the week before 06:30. These have been some stressful times, in theory.

But when I look back at what's happened, I don't feel like I've gotten stressed about it. I've felt some pressure to make things right, to explain what's going on, and to find ways to stop it from happening again. But those didn't wrap themselves around my heart and squeeze the way that stress does. I guess, then, that this was clearly something else. Adventure? Excitement? Maybe so.

It's hard to say at this point, but as long as this continues to stay the exception rather than the norm, I don't think I'll identify it as stress.

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