get lost in reading

I used to be a voracious reader. I would tear through books like they were going out of style. In the last few years I've had intervals of frenzied reading, generally based around a particular series or character, but those are more literary islands in the span of time.

This year when my mother asked me what I wanted for Christmas as she always does, I at first tried to convince her to give nothing, but realizing that wasn't going to work, I decided that I'd ask for some books. A couple of weeks later I had the first seven books in a series that I'd started a few years before. But I didn't start reading.

It was actually last weekend after I fell and hurt myself that I cracked the first book. It was a nice thing to do as it allowed me to escape the recollection of the pain in my back, even if for just a while. As I read through this first book I recalled snippets of the story, but found myself also mixing in elements from the movie adaptation (which really mostly just borrowed the theme loosely). I'd read a few pages or chapters in breaks or while waiting for other things, but it took me the better part of the week to complete the work.

This morning, being both a Saturday and Christmas Eve, I had no real plans. Aside from my wife, there's no family around that we're visiting, there's no holiday party to attend, and the weather wasn't all that welcoming as it rained most of the morning while hovering in the upper thirties. I started my morning by making a cup of pour over coffee, eating a banana, and grabbing the next book in the series.

The next thing I really knew, it was lunch time according to the rumbles in my stomach, but my eyes wanted to keep reading. Ultimately I grabbed something to eat, and then dived back into the book.

When later afternoon came around, we played a game of Ticket to Ride (surprising fast with only two players, thankfully) and then I melted back into the book. As dinner time neared, I was convinced that we needed to maintain our holiday tradition of dinner at Carrabba's, so I finally put the book aside and got ready.

We had a delicious dinner, that neither of us finished, and then came home fulfilled and relaxed. Although I wanted to pick the book back up, I realized that almost my entire day had been devoted to the authors' work (yes, there are two of them so that apostrophe is in the right place).

And to all a good night.

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