face surprises

So today I was back at work. Day two in the new office, so things are still not settled, exactly. A number of people are out because of the proximity to the holidays, but things do feel somewhat normal despite all of the change.

Early this morning I got an email from a few steps up the chain asking for me to supply talking points for a brief presentation my manager had signed me up for tomorrow. Except I didn't know that I'd been signed up, or that the topic had been chosen for me. Yikes! Talk about being caught unsuspecting.

I offered apologies for not knowing, but took some time and put together a few talking points and sent it along. Fortunately, there was both time and understanding so I can't really complain.

I should probably apologize to the guy I sit next to as I'm certain he hears me complain. Maybe they aren't really complaints as much as grumblings of a not-quite-curmudgeon, but it wouldn't be hard to misinterpret that venting as serious disgruntle. I should work on that.

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