embrace cold winter

It is clearly winter around here. There's this powdery white stuff all over the place, and and mercury is looking anemic. And there's the walking part: when going outside your feet slip across every place that you think they shouldn't.

Today I spent a few hours with one of my coworkers moving things from our old office to the new one, but we are workers aren't supposed to move in until Friday because the move-in is staged for about forty people a day. Oh well. We managed to get almost everything moved that we needed to personally migrate (there's movers that will take care of a number of things come Friday).

Today will be interesting as I've already migrated everything from my desk except my Surface. Working from a Surface is an interesting exercise when not at a desk because it has no rigidity to stay a laptop and likes to flop about. But since I've already migrated my monitors to the new space, I'm also going to be working from the super-high resolution small screen. Like I said, it'll be interesting.

I was really hoping that this week would be warmer, maybe in the fifties, as that would enable us to have one last hurrah around the places that we've enjoyed lunches for the last year while we've been located where we are, but things have been nasty and bitter. Today has been no different with a temperature only reaching below freezing, and the snow still firmly entrenched. And tomorrow is likely to reach a balmy fourteen degrees!

Perhaps after this week, when we're in the new building, winter will recede into late-fall for a while and we can explore the area around our new-old office (many of my coworkers were in the new building prior to our current location). If not, perhaps I'll encourage spring to show up by increasing my CO2 emissions.

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