embrace the alternate sport

I like watching hockey, probably more than football and that is borderline sacrilege in this town. Here, people wear the local team's colors and logos everywhere they go be it work, shopping, or even church. It really is interesting to see the way the city transforms nearly every Saturday from early September to Thanksgiving, and how the grocery stores are unbusy, the streets close to vacant (assuming you're not traveling near the actual game), and everyone's TVs seem to be tuned to the same place.

The town isn't like this about the hockey team, and I guess that's understandable when the hockey season spans so many more months has had around forty home games. Over the last handful of years, I've gone to a smattering of games, and even joined the ranks of cable subscribers because the cost of a single game pays for two or three months of viewing the games on TV (and that way I get the opportunity to see EVERY game).

I've been fortunate that I've been able get my wife interested in the game sometimes. Other nights, she'd rather browse the internet, but on those random nights she gets invested and cheers. I like those nights.

Prior to moving to this state, I'd only seen a single hockey game in my life, and that in a venue that made it so that I'm still not entirely sure that I wasn't watching anthropomorphic ants in some grand illusion. The first company I worked for here took the whole office to a game once, and I thought it was pretty fun, but I didn't understand a lot of the game play and penalties. At this point, I've been watching and attending the games for the last nine seasons or so and I think I understand about as much of this game as I ever have of football or basketball.

It's true that sometimes I have to take to Google to figure out something from time to time (I mean, how often do you see slew foot called? Not enough that I remember from the last time I saw it). lately I've had the inclination to see if I can stand up on ice skates. I know I could never be a competent player at this point in my life, but perhaps I could compete with today's eight year old teams after a year or two of trying. Or I'd fall flat on my butt constantly. Yeah, probably that.

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