clean glass

You would think that being in my third decade of life I would have learned a thing or two about cleaning glass by now. Well, you'd be right, but there's one thing that has challenged me for the last eight years: shower doors.

Bring a reasonable adult, I've tried lots of things, some working better than others. For a long time my goto was the Scrubbing Bubbles foaming cleaner... Let it sit on wet glass, wipe off, rinse off, repeat two or three times, every week. Yuck.

Recently, however, I came across an alternate method that actually works really well, but I HATE it. But since it works I also can't go without. And it's easy.

• 1 cup white vinegar, heated in the microwave
• 1 cup blue Dawn
• Spray bottle

Mix up the ingredients gently and spray on. Let that sit about five minutes and wipe down with a clean towel. Rinse off. Wish that you'd done this years before. But the reason I said that I hate this solution is that I hate the smell of vinegar, even at room temperature (there's a story there that I'll probably tell another time).

Now if i could get my wife to help clean the showers, too.

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