be unabashedly open

Being open is a hard thing for someone as protected as I am. Growing up I've always been protectionish, trying to preserve whatever privacy and personal difference I have. While I've realized that this is a result of my formative years, those in which I was alone and largely friendless, I also have come to the realization that even more important than our difference is our similarity!

This afternoon the man that is arguably my best friend came over after work, well out of his way, and spent a few hours with drinks and conversation. Although we thought we'd be watching a movie of barely more than two hours in length, we managed only 36 minutes of the film as we conversed and and related to one another. Really, it was great.

Despite the guy time speaking of relatively unspeakables, the reality is that we grew closer to one another in a way that we rarely have in the decade-long relationship. One each side of the equation there's experience that the other lacks, events that the other has not experienced, and hopes that are shared. We are typical men, and the social lubrication proved that we are more similar that different. Despite those differences, we really more more similar than not, and all the better friends because of it.

Now, being completely honest there is social lubricant that makes it all possible, mainly destroying the barriers that keep us from sharing reality and trending toward acceptable conversation. Without that lubrication we are still great friends, but my goodness, things change.

Honesty is great among friends, scary in the hands of those with less than ideal intentions, Choose carefully. The difference between that friend and someone that uses you as a springboard to their own success is narrow.

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