be prepared

This is the busy season. My boss left today to help with the birth of his first child, my office is preparing to move buildings, our work is in high gear as our users are mostly gone soon, and being the holiday season, our Christmas program concludes it's three week run this weekend with five exhibitions in the next two days. Oh, and possible travel to family, too.

This means I've got to be on my game, every day. It's not easy to anticipate what's coming, but the planned things mean I've got done opportunities to put together some things ahead of time. For instance, I know that playing my tubas is more difficult with a mustache, so that shaved away this morning. I know that moving things to the new office is going to be crazy, so I've started bringing personal effects home. Little things, but they reduce stress later.

Now if I can just make it to January I think it'll all be okay.

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