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It was November 22 when I first called Google about my Nexus 5X.

The phone which I had until a few days before used was enrolled in the Nougat beta program and upon receiving an update began bootlooping. I've been working with Android devices long enough to know my way around the critical tools needed to re-flash a phone with an image, so I spent some time trying to get the phone operable.

After a couple of hours of poking and prodding, and finding a large number of folks online having similar issues, I decided that I needed to throw in the towel and call in the big guns (that is, call support). After spending around 40 minutes on the phone with a tech, I was told it was determined that since the phone was in the beta program a specific group of support engineers would need to be consulted and that I would receive a followup call within "a day or two." I kind of doubted that since it was just before Thanksgiving, but I said thank you and went about my day.

Over the course of the next four weeks I placed five calls and responded to the support email I received from the initial contact eleven times seeking updates of any sort of progress. Last week, I missed a call from support, but the voicemail was somewhat garbled and when I returned the call about 60 minutes after it was made, I got a different rep who said that the ticket was "in progress" and there was nothing she could do except make note in the record.

This morning, realizing that it had been a month since this progress started, I called yet again and explained the situation to the rep. She listed to what I described, then asked to place me on hold. Fifteen minutes later she came back to inform me that there was a new policy as of late last week to make a "one time exception" to replace the Nexus 5X devices that are experiencing this unsolvable bootloop condition.

Within the next few minutes I received an email telling me how to request the replacement and I was on the way to getting a new (or likely refurbished) Nexus 5X sent to my doorstep.

I imagine had I not been persistent in calling that the support team would have marked my ticket as inactive and closed the incident. Out of a mixture of frustration with the device, and annoyance at having loaned it to a friend just before this started happening, I wanted Google to make it right, and it seems like they are--with no small amount of work on my part. But I'll take it.

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