be flexible

Today was a long day at work. It's a busy time with all that is going on, and we've had a couple of things that have kept us on our toes, but today ended up being one of those days that things just couldn't get done. Even after I left (two hours later than usual) I hadn't been gone ten minutes before there was more to do. This work day just didn't want to end.

I felt bad as the minutes I thought I'd be late turned into hours and my wife was waiting a mile away for me to wrap up. I promised her I would make it up to her, but I wasn't really sure what that meant at the moment. Then, just before I left, I remembered there would be a nice box sitting on the porch for her. Fortunately, it was in fact exactly where it was supposed to be when we arrived and it did make her so incredibly happy. Although it hadn't been intended to mean anything other than an "I love you," it filled in nicely as a bit of an apology. 

Nothing about today went the way I expected. Not leaving for work, not doing things at work, not even what dinner would be... but in the end, it was all perfectly fine. I just had to let go of the control a little bit and go with the riptide flow.

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