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Another of my shorter posts due to traveling and only having my phone to post.

I know a lot of people that I think are joyous people, and I met people here and there that also seem to have it. But what does it mean to have joy?

I suppose the answer to this isn't an easy one to come by, and the source of any given person's joy is as varied as they themselves. I've heard some people attribute their feelings of joy to family, others to wealth, and some to surviving an event. But at these things joy, or just happiness? Is there a difference? I think so, at least right now.

You see, I find happiness to be a fleeting thing. But joy--that's something that endures through challenges and goes hand in hand with hope and the belief that things are positive. I've been happy sometimes, sure, but joyous? I'm not so sure.

So how can I learn to find joy? I have no idea, but I suspect that it's much like learning to do anything: lots of practice. In the same way that a person doesn't just get off of the couch one day and run a marathon, I don't believe someone wakes up and suddenly us filled with the new depth of feeling.

As an exercise to help myself find joys, I am attempting to change my view of one thing every hour from negative or neutral to something in I'm happy about. As I add these happy things to my day, I'm finding that I'm generally more positive and feeling like there's glimmers of joy.

One of the things that I've long enjoyed doing that makes me feel joy is feeding people. Knowing this, I want to use that you help build my joy level. I know that with my spouse's introversion that I won't be able to have someone over for dinner every night (and let's not consider the cost of that), but once a month? That seems doable for now.

So joy. Feels elusive, but not impossible. Little steps every day, mostly forward ideally.

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