be thankful

This will be brief today as I am both traveling and enjoying time with family on this Thanksgiving Day. Of course it is perhaps expected that I would be thankful on this day in specific, but let's not sell myself short here. How easy it is to wake up and be grumpy because it is already morning or still dark or because of an interrupted dream?

For as long as I can remember my body has had a habit of walking up before my alarm would go off on travel days (or work days when I set an alarm). Am I thankful for this? Absolutely! But not because of the reason you may think: it's because it allows me to start getting ready without distributing my spouse, and I know that extra few minutes of sleep is appreciated.

Today I remind myself that I'm thankful for innumerable things, a few among them listed here in no particular order for my own memory's sake.

• Family, near, far, and farther
• Steady, meaningful employment
• Friends as varied as snowflakes
• Grace
• Opportunities to grow
• Chances to rest
• Talents to share
• People expressing their joy

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